Big & Rich star fires off tweet storm to boycott Nike, says ‘Reebok, here we come’


Country Music star John Rich of Big & Rich fired off a tweet storm on Sunday evening after Nike announced that they were going to use disgruntled former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the new company spokesperson for their ‘Just do it’ campaign.

Rich took the picture above of his Soundman who cut the Nike swoosh off his socks. The Soundman a former Marine, Rich stated “Get Ready @Nike multiply that by the millions.”Rich also stated that his Soundman would be burning them as soon as he returned to Nashville.

Rich continued to hammer Kaepernick and Nike as well as liberals with a series of tweets you can find below.

It’s always nice to see celebrities taking a stand for our Military and Police, something rarely done in liberal Hollywood these days. They’ve made a mockery out of the American Flag, Military, Police, and Veterans.

The new NFL Nike ad is set to take place just as Football season starts this week. Another ridiculous shot at all of those who fight daily to protect You and I. The NFL is truly an Anti American company, and it shows more and more every day.

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