Biden’s Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen Received $810K from Hedge Fund Embattled of GameStop Saga

Well look what we have here, more corruption from the democrats. Every single time they accuse you of something, you can bet your backside they are actually doing it.

Joe Biden’s newly enshrined Secretary of the Treasury received over $810,000 from the Hedge Fund embroiled in the GameStop trading saga. Go figure, of course they’re involved.

Citadel, a hedge fund founded by Ken Griffin, a major GOP donor, paid Yellen $810,000 to speak at several events from October 2019 to October 2020, according to Yellen’s filings with the Office of Government Ethics.

The Chicago-based hedge fund paid Yellen $292,500 for a speech on Oct. 17, 2019, $180,000 for one on Dec. 3, 2019, and $337,500 to speak at a series of webinars held from Oct. 9-27, 2020.

Citadel is invested heavily in Melvin Capital, a hedge fund that was reportedly on the brink of bankruptcy this week due to a surge in GameStop share prices.

Reddit users on a page called “wallstreetbets” encouraged folks to make purchases of GameStop shares in order to exploit Melvin Capital’s short position on the company. The buying spree from retail investors then forced Melvin to cover its short position by buying more shares of GameStop at elevated prices.

Citadel which paid Yellen, and another firm 72point invested $2.75 billion into Melvin this week after it lost 30% of its capital, according to The Wall Street Journal.

In a hilarious move, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that Yellen, who was confirmed by the Senate on Monday, is “monitoring the situation.”

We’re sure she’s on top of this, wink!

Thanks to our friends at The Daily Caller for contributing to this article.

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