Biden’s Jobless Report Is Proof That The Democrats Are Intentionally Tanking Our Economy

The latest Jobs Report came out, and (not surprisingly) it was disappointing. Less than 200,000 jobs created in the month of September. Team Biden blames the Delta Variant. The truth is much more sinister.

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In typical political elitist fashion, the Biden Administration refused to take responsibility for the horrific jobs report that was released. Instead of attributing it to the Democrats’ tyrannical lockdowns and vaccine mandates, they blamed the Delta Variant.

Anytime there’s a problem for the Democrats, it’s always the fault of that pesky Delta.

According to Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, “When we looked at the reason for that, the Delta variant… absolutely had an impact in the restaurant-leisure-hospitality area, both as hiring and also in… people going out to dinner…”

While COVID-19 may be an easy scapegoat to shift responsibility to, it could not be further from the truth. The reason for the economic destruction we are witnessing in America today is directly and solely upon the Democrats and RINOs that have become authoritarian dictators.

And don’t think that this is unintentional. The Dems are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing. In order to conquer America, they must tank our economy and force us to rely exclusively on Big Government and Big Business.

During the Donald Trump presidency, we witnessed record unemployment and economy numbers. His strategy of getting the government out of regulating business and allowing the free markets to work created massive amounts of prosperity.

During the Biden Administration, however, the Democrats have attempted to take control of virtually every aspect of life, which has proven disastrous. 

The massive lockdowns across the country in response to COVID-19 forced millions of people to become unemployed, being forced to rely on the government just to survive. Businesses went bankrupt. People fled Lefty states like California for free states like Tennessee and Texas.

Now we are dealing with vaccine mandates, both on a national level and a local level. This is proving to be extremely dangerous to businesses and economies, especially with the unknown of what next. 

Every single decision made by the Democrats is proving disastrous for small businesses and their employees. Starbucks and Facebook can absorb the mandates and tyrannical edicts… small mom and pop shops cannot.

The reason for this economic downtown is not COVID-19. It never was. It has always been the Democrats’ attempt to control every aspect of our lives, including the economy. 

It wasn’t the coronavirus that forced businesses to shut down… it was Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo and the rest of the Democrat politicians.

It’s not COVID-19 that is firing doctors and nurses in the hospital for not taking the vaccine… it’s Joe Biden and the Democrats.

The Delta Variant isn’t keeping businesses from hiring, it’s the chaotic messaging and tyrannical mandates that make business owners hesitant to hire new staff because they don’t know if we are heading towards more lockdowns, restrictions or mandates.

Don’t let Biden and the Democrats shift the blame for our economic woes onto the faceless Delta Variant of COVID-19. The blame lies exclusively on their shoulders. Make them take responsibility. 


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