Biden’s Inability to Lead on Full Display at Disastrous ‘Summit of the Americas’ (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s memory appeared to fail him again on Sunday as he gave remarks at the Summit of the Americas. The meeting, being held in California, was attended by a group of Western Hemisphere nations, with corruption and migration, eventually becoming illegal immigration into the United States, taking center stage.

In an attempt to pass the buck, Biden forgot the president he used to work for again, a “mistake” he’s made numerous times going back to the 2020 presidential campaign.

There are real consequence for real people to having an invalid as President of the United States. That has become abundantly clear as the Southern Border has descended into chaos over the last year-and-a-half. It is impossible to quantify the suffering and death that occurred, directly and indirectly, as a result of Biden’s horrible policy decisions.

But Biden, being the anti-leader that he is, continues to shift blame. It’s not a coincidence that he’s plugging Kamala Harris as the one “managing this part of the portfolio” at this meeting, instead of taking responsibility for the disaster that has unfolded to the shock of many. Biden is president, not Harris. That’s not to defend Harris’ own bad decisions, making and lack of leadership skills, but the buck stops at the top, and the man at the tops is incapable of doing his job.

According to the New York Times, as they perfectly illustrated the fact that a boycott of the summit by the leaders of several Latin American nations, including Mexico, a regional powerhouse, continued to undermine the gathering organized by the Unites States. The most important countries boycotted this year’s Summit of the Americas’.

Mr. Biden had hoped to assemble the leaders of the hemisphere as a show of American strength and unity of purpose. Instead, his refusal to invite several authoritarian leaders prompted the leaders of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Boliva and El Salvador to refuse to attend.

A fact that Biden probably doesn’t remember, if he ever knew, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are the top four nations of net migration to the United States. For them to not be at the Summit was a disaster for Biden, and it essentially means nothing of substance got done at the meetings. Further, after Biden finished his remarks, other nations that did attend, including Belize, slammed the president.

The Prime Minister of Belize, John Briceño said in his Summit speech, “At this most critical juncture, when the further of our hemisphere is at stake, we stand divided. And that is why the Summit of the Americas’ should have been inclusive.”

“It is therefore inexcusable that all the countries of the Americas’ are not here, and the power of the Summit diminished by their absence. It is incomprehensible that we would isolate countries of the Americas’ which have provided strong leadership and contributed to the hemisphere on the critical issues of our time, “Briceño added.

President Alberto Fernández of Argentina also lashed out at the United States and called for a change in the rules that allowed Mr. Biden, as the host of the Summit, to decide who was invited to the gathering.”We definitely would have wished for a different Summit of the Americas.’ The silence of those who are absent is calling to us,” Fernández added.

This is just embarrassing, that this Summit was allowed to continue without the key leaders being there, was just ridiculous. It’s understandable not wanting to appease dictators, but the crisis at hand demands inclusion.

In remembrance to those who did attend, it’s obvious they have no respect at all for Biden, which isn’t surprising given his record and his mental state. If you were a foreign leader, would you care what he has to say? Would you trust him to lead anything, especially since he continues passing the buck to Harris? This is dangerous for our country to have someone like this holding the presidency.

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Barry Jack
11 months ago

Biden is a delusional disaster!!