President Joe Biden was speaking in Brussels last Thursday, while there for NATO meetings to discuss the Russian war against Ukraine. It’s an embarrassing thing to have Biden representing America on the world stage.​

“I came to congratulate a man who just got re-elected without opposition. I dream of that someday!”

Biden declared as he greeted EU President Charles Michel, who was just reappointed president without any opposition. It appears Biden said the quiet part out loud when he was talking about Michel without any opposition.

As RNC Research notes, imagine what would have happened and been said if President Donald Trump had said that. We would be having 24/7 CNN coverage about what a fascist he is, and how this is a danger to democracy that we must address with yet another waste of time with more impeachment proceedings, trying to incapacitate him.

But on top of that, imagine someone saying this at this particular time in Europe, when they’re having to deal with Putin invading a neighbor. Probably not the time to be talking about being authoritarian.​
But when Biden says things like this, he’s revealing who he is, and we do well to believe him. No wonder he’s always talking about Xi Jinping, he really would like to be ‘unopposed’ like a dictator.

We have already seen how Biden believes he can operate by mandate and executive order. His people don’t even like for him to take questions, unless it’s in a controlled setting. They’re always constantly chasing away reporters, just as they did again Thursday.

Another thing Biden has revealed in his career, and especially since becoming president, and we have all seen it on multiple occasions, is he doesn’t like being challenged. And when he has been challenged in the past, he tends to lose it on the reporter, the voter, or the “dog-faced pony soldier” who attempts to question him.

What Biden said about dreaming of being unopposed is probably true. Given what we’ve seen of him and the mess he’s made of everything in just over a year, the only way he would win would be if no one else ran, and if he had no opposition.  Because at this point, the Republicans could probably put up anyone, and they’d beat this guy if the vote were taken right now. Current polls show Trump beating him because Americans remember the good times under Trump, before everything fell apart.

Biden has been letting some things fall out of the bag, like warning of the coming food shortages and even the “new world order,” which he thinks that he will lead. That’s probably what he is dreaming about. Biden couldn’t lead his way out of a paper bag. If he thinks any of this is going to make him a more attractive candidate, he is being more delusional than normal.

Unfortunately, it looks like things in the future are going to get worse, until the Republicans get control of Congress and can throw more checks and balances into him, we have this uncapable insanity to deal with.

We appreciate our friends at Republican Daily for content in this article.

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