Biden’s Approval Rating Sinking Faster Than a Scud Missile

The latest poll by CBSNews/YouGov was released Sunday and it show jus 3 of 10 Americans think the country is doing “somewhat well” under President Joe Biden.​

The polls among 2,058 U.S. adults were taken between November 15-19 and found that just 26 percent of adults think things are going “somewhat well,” while just 4 percent think things are going “very well.” The poll had a margin of error of three points.

The poll also shows that 37 percent of those polled said things are going “somewhat badly.”
Only 18 percent of respondents said they “strongly approve” of the way Biden is handling his role as president while 26 percent said “somewhat approve.” Among those polled 56 percent said they either “somewhat disapprove”‘ or “strongly disapprove.”

According to the poll, in Biden’s handling of certain sectors, Biden received a higher disapproval rating in the economy, immigration, race relations, foreign policy and inflation, only receiving a higher approval rating when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine distribution.

Joe Biden’s approval rating has been steadily sinking since July, with a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll finding almost half of Americans believe Biden has not accomplished much, if anything at all, during his presidency. Among 1,001 individuals, 63 percent thought Biden had achieved “not very much” or “little or nothing.”

The same poll showed 51 percent of respondents would choose Republican House candidates over Democrats in their own jurisdictions.

A new Quinnipiac Poll revealed that Biden’s approval rating is at 36%  – the LOWEST level since he took office.

With all his recent FAILURES, we’re surprised it’s not even LOWER…

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