Biden Will Announce $4 Trillion Infrastructure Plan With Massive Tax Hikes

The Democrats have to be rejoicing across America after kicking themselves in the balls repeatedly by voting for now President Joe Biden. That’s the equivalent of what’s happening to Americans everywhere. Gas prices are now $1.00 per gallon more than they were two months ago, 10 million Americans are still unemployed, we have a massive border crisis with almost 6,000 children on the southern border without parents, and world leaders are laughing at us.

Now what, I’m sure that’s what your asking, right America? Well now the genius known as Metamucil Joe is about to initiate a $4 trillion dollar infrastructure plan from his handlers with massive tax hikes that’s sure to hammer Americans who’ve been unemployed and unable to make money, spend money, travel, or do anything for over a year because of the Draconian lockdowns.

President Biden will outline his massive $3 to 4 trillion infrastructure plan Wednesday, which will create four tax increases worth around $1.8 trillion, the White House revealed.

The commander-in-chief’s “Build Back Better” proposal, a centerpiece of his post-COVID campaign message, will be split into two packages for Congress to pass.

The first, the White House said, will focus on infrastructure investments specifically.

The second will focus on funding domestic policy areas of Democratic concern, such as providing universal pre-kindergarten and tuition-free community college, as well as health care.

As for the taxes, Biden’s main priority will be to raise the corporate rate from 21 percent to 28 percent.

In addition, Biden’s proposal would impose a global minimum tax on profits from foreign organizations, increasing capital gains taxes for the wealthy, and returning to the Bush-era individual rate of 39.6 percent for those making over $400,000.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful, anyone making more than $400,000 a year is going to be punished for being successful. This is what socialism and stupidity looks like America.

“The president has a plan to fix the infrastructure of our country,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters, “And he has a plan to pay for it.”

Thanks to our friends at The New York Post for contributing to this article.

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