Biden Staffer BLOCKS Senator Ted Cruz from Videoing at Migrant Facility

Senator Ted Cruz led a delegation of Republican Senators to Donna, Texas to view the migrant holding facilities at the border. What happened next is absolutely shameful and laughable from the Biden Administration.

Cruz showed exclusive video of a woman he identified as a Biden Administration staffer blocking him rom recording a migrant facility on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Senator Cruz was joined by Texas Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who led the delegation of Senators to Texas.

The Senators were touring the migrant facility in the city.

“Please give dignity to the people. Please give dignity to the people. … Please respect the people, the rules,” the staffer told Cruz while blocking his camera with her face.

“So you work for the commissioner, you’re a senior adviser, you were hired two weeks ago and you’re instructed to ask us to not have any pictures taken here because the political leadership at DHS does not want the American people to know it,” Cruz said.

“Please don’t treat the people as such,” the staffer responded.

“Your policies are unfortunately trying to hide them. I understand that you were instructed,” Cruz said. “I respect them, and I want to fix this situation, and the administration that you work for is responsible for these conditions.”

The Republican delegation released the shocking videos and pictures on Friday. What are your thoughts America? Isn’t it amazing how the mainstream media is silent, yet they tried to attack the Trump administration for four years?

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