Biden Says He ‘Respects’ Cuomo and Says He Did ‘A Hell of a Job’

President Joe Biden had some kind words for the disgruntled soon to be former Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.

“I respect the governor’s decision and I respect the decision he made,” Biden said at the White House shortly after Cuomo announced he would step down from the job in two weeks.

When asked how Cuomo’s actions would affect the Democratic Party, Biden signaled he thought the fallout would be limited.

“I think the impact is all on Andrew Cuomo and his decision to make that judgment,” Biden said. “And I respect his decision.”

Cuomo who is a major Biden ally, announced his resignation earlier on Tuesday, after an independent investigation by the New York Attorney General found credible allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo.

“He’s done a hell of a job,” Biden said. “… That’s why it’s so sad.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was already in deflection mode with a quick statement to cover up Biden’s slip up.

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