Biden Press Secretary Says Gun Control Executive Orders are Coming..

President Joe Biden has said on several occasions that he is preparing to sign an Executive Order on gun control. Gun control is not a popular issue, but it is something the far left wants, and Biden wants to give it to them.

Over the last year, because of the pandemic and the riots, millions of Americans have become first time gun owners.  The White House confirmed on Friday that the president will sign executive orders on gun control.

During Friday’s White House press conference, CNN Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins asked, “Should we still be expecting executive orders from the President on gun measures?” 

White House press secretary Jen Psaki replied, “Yes, and there isn’t an exact timeframe on the gun control actions.”

“I will note that when the president was the vice-president in the Obama-Biden administration,  he helped put in place 23 executive actions to combat gun violence,” Psaki added.  “It’s one of the levers that we can use, that any federal government, any president can use to help address the prevalence of gun violence and address community safety around the country.”

“We have to address this epidemic, address the threat of gun violence across many avenues,” Psake said.  “And he will.  He’s committed to doing that.  She also said during the press conference that President Biden has been weighing using executive actions for gun control measures for several weeks.

It’s too bad that Biden hasn’t been reading and understanding the Second Amendment, instead of trying to come up with ways to change it.  How much clearer can it be when it says our rights to bear arms “Shall not be Infringed.”

If the president insists and actually tries to enforce gun control measures, there will be a Republicans uprising, and probably not only Republicans, but that will also lead to taking back the House in 2022.  I believe he is underestimating the passion of gun owners, regardless of their party.  This is a right that the people do not and will not lose, but Biden very likely will.

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