Biden Narrows Running Mate Finalist List To Two – Report

Joe Biden has reportedly narrowed his list of potential running mates to two names as anticipation builds over an imminent announcement of the 2020 Democrat ticket. 

The two finalists are familiar names and it looks like it’s down to California Senator Kamala Harris and former Obama regime national security advisor Susan Rice barring any last-minute surprises. 

According to Axios, unnamed confidants of the former vice president say that the list is down to the duo and that they “would be surprised if he picks anyone else.”

Biden’s selection has serious ramifications that whoever it is will almost certainly soon become the first black female president in the nation’s history when the rapidly fading presumptive nominee is forced to step down due to his declining mental state. 

Via Yahoo News, “Biden may have narrowed his VP list down to Kamala Harris and Susan Rice”:

Former Vice President Joe Biden could be down to two contenders in his search for a running mate.

A new report from Axios details how Biden confidants believe he has narrowed his list down to Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice. While the report cautions that things could change, it notes that these confidants “would be surprised if he picks anyone else.”

As far as Harris goes, Axios writes that Biden’s brain trust has “deep and trusting relationships” with those who are pushing for the California senator while touting her skills as a prosecutor. But on the other hand, according to the report, Rice is “getting a big bounce” from former President Barack Obama’s alumni, who say that picking her would “guarantee the enthusiastic presence” of Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama on the campaign trail.

Other possible contenders include Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), who the report says is in third place behind Harris and Rice, as well as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.). The Washington Post previously reported that Biden was expected to interview five or six finalists but that there was a sense that he still doesn’t have “a clear favorite.”

The Axios report is bad news for Rep. Karen Bass who had emerged as a serious dark horse contender who is supported by the influential Congressional Black Caucus which she chairs but she has clearly been damaged by unearthed comments that she made praising murderous Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. 

Whoever the pick is could replace Biden at the scaled-down convention in Milwaukee as the 77-year-old ex-veep will be locked down in his basement for his acceptance speech, one that will be carefully controlled by handlers who would be wise to pre-record and edit it beforehand.  

The pick of Harris was recently announced and then quickly withdrawn by Politico but she remains a darling of donors, especially the big money in her home state. 

Rice would be well-suited to assume control of the Biden administration and is almost certainly taking orders from her former boss Barack Obama who may not be on the ballot but would receive a third term if Biden wins the election. 

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