Biden NAILED with 4 Pinnochios After Getting Number ‘So Wrong’ He’s Fact Checked by WaPo Into the Stone Age

You know you’re not having a good weekend when you’re the Democrat President and you get not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Pinocchio’s from The Washington Post for royally screwing the pooch.

While giving remarks in between factions during a White House ceremony for the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 earlier this month, Biden told such a whopper that he earned “four Pinocchios from the WAPO in a fact check published last Thursday.

Biden went so far as to boast that new legislation would create 1 million new construction jobs over the next six years.

“There’s an analysis that says investment in the Chips and Science Act will create 1 million — more than 1 million construction jobs alone over the next six years building semiconductor factories in America.”

Two days later whoever runs his official POTUS Twitter account (We know he’s not tweeting, he can’t even walk) made the same claim.

However according to the regime’s most solid mainstream media allies, the actual figure would be closer to 6,200. Wait, what? So he basically exaggerated by 1 million LOL?

“We’ve learned from experience that when a president utters a big job-creation number, it’s ripe for fact-checking,” fact-checker Glen Kessler wrote for The Washington Post. “So we were curious to learn how the president’s job prediction for the Chips and Science Act — which will provide nearly $53 billion for U.S. semiconductor research, development, manufacturing and workforce development — was developed.

”He reported that the president “mentioned an ‘analysis’ as the source for the claim that 1 million construction jobs would be created. … But we were puzzled when we did not see the figure in the White House’s ‘fact sheet’ on the bill.”

“It turns out this number is wildly exaggerated,” Kessler wrote.

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The “first tip-off” that the claim might be false was the sheer size of the number.

“The second tip-off is that Biden was specific — 1 million construction jobs in six years. Before the pandemic tanked jobs, the U.S. economy took four years to add 1 million construction jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data — from all industries, not just the semiconductor business,” he explained.

When Kessler’s team asked the White House about the source of Biden’s claim, they cited a 2021 report issued by the Semiconductor Industry Association.

According to the fact-check, “That report touted the contribution of the semiconductor industry and examined the potential impact of a $50 billion federal investment program, similar to the Chips Act.”

That gave the fact-checkers their third tip-off. The report had been “issued by an industry advocate,” Kessler noted, a group that is interested in putting “the best gloss on the industry’s economic contributions.”

Even SIA spokeswoman Sarah Ravi was forced to admit that Biden’s “statement about 1 million construction jobs is not accurate.”

“[T]he president stumbled badly here,” Kessler concluded. “In public remarks, and then in a tweet, he claimed 1 million construction jobs would be created because of the Chips Act. The real number was just 6,200, according to the industry-commissioned report cited as the source.

“If you wanted to be generous, you could say the report said 56,000 jobs would be supported by construction. If you wanted to be very generous, you could say 1 million jobs would be supported in the ‘construction phase’ of the law. But that would be overly generous, given that the White House amplified Biden’s statement in a tweet; it was not a simple misspeak.

“[T]here is no reason to get the number so wrong — twice. While the White House concedes a ‘mix-up,’ the tweet has not been deleted; neither has the official transcript been corrected.

“The president earns Four Pinocchios,” Kessler concluded.

Thanks to our friends at The Western Journal for contributing to this article.

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