Biden Makes Surprise Visit to the Ukraine While Avoiding Americans in East Palestine, Ohio

Imagine being an American citizen and waking up to see your so called President in the Ukraine, funding a proxy war, while you live in or near East Palestine, Ohio.

That’s right, Americans woke up Monday morning to find out their beloved diaper dandy Joe Biden went to the Ukraine instead of East Palestine, Ohio where a train derailment, major chemical spill, and “controlled burnoff” have devastated this rural town.

Not to mention Biden hasn’t spent an ounce of time at the United States Southern Border where more than 300,000 illegal aliens are pouring across unvetted and unchecked each month.

At what point do Americans that voted for Joe Biden realized not only were they duped, but they really and royally screwed the pooch here?

Former President Donald J. Trump will be visiting East Palestine, Ohio this week, so one has to ask, how intentional was this move by President Biden? Very intentional, in fact he and his handlers are showing you what’s important to them, and its’ not America.

This comes on the cusp that the United States blew up the Nordstream Pipeline which cut off heat and energy to Europe in yet another attempt to anger and further push the Russia vs the Ukraine conflict.

Biden even wore a Ukrainian colored tie. What a disgrace to do as an American President. Do you think Zelenskyy would show up in America wearing a Red, White, and Blue tie?


We’ll close on this note. President Trump is headed to visit the people of Ohio, while Joe Biden decided the Ukraine was more important than the lives blue collar America.

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