On Tuesday, Republican lawmaker and North Carolina Representative, Virginia Foxx criticized President Joe Biden from the House floor saying, “This Thanksgiving will be the most expensive on record and Americans have the Biden administration to thank,” Foxx said. ​

Foxx continued citing rising inflation and how it will affect Americans on Thanksgiving. “it’s a sobering reality for so many working families and people are rightfully angry. I share their anger. Consider this, Thanksgiving dinner this year is estimated to cost 4-5% more for American families and that’s assuming they’ll be able to put food on the table.”

Foxx also said, “Every day, when Americans wake up and their feet touch the ground outside, inflation is already reaching for their wallets. Whether it be the moment when people turn on their cars, go to the gas station or grocery stores, inflations is ready and waiting for them.”

She then went further, adding, “consider what these working families are thinking as Thanksgiving approaches. Will they be able to afford President Biden’s turkey tax on Thanksgiving dinner? Will they even be able to get themselves to the grocery store in time before the shelves are empty? Will they even be able to get to the grocery store at all because of rising gas prices?”

Foxx concluded, “I take great issue with where the direction of this country is headed under this administration. The holiday season is on the horizon and Americans are more concerned than ever. With Thanksgiving dinner and everyday commodities becoming out of reach now, Christmas dinner will cost Americans an arm and a leg. This is downright shameful.”

Representative Foxx’s comments are sounding really familiar with what the majority of Americans are saying and thinking as well.

Some economists are saying that the inflation will last well into 2022, indicating that supply chain congestion will keep the prices on an upward trend and curbing production.

In the meantime, the Biden administration is trying to spin the narrative that inflation is a good thing. According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, she described the unprecedented surge as a good thing and arguing that it means more people are buying goods, increasing the demand.

It seems every day there is another new poll showing the freefall of Biden’s credibility. Most Americans are losing faith in Biden’s ability to establish an economic recovery in the post-pandemic era.

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