Biden Handlers Still Trying to Find Shovel Big Enough to Fill Hole He Dug on ’60 Minutes’ Interview (VIDEO)

President Joe Biden was on ’60 Minutes’ on Sunday evening and it was a disastrous interview, probably one of the worst of many of his terrible interviews. Stories are still coming out about how he blindsided officials in his administration and the ​scrambling they are having to do to clean up his mess.

It was so bad that within an hour of the interview, the first clarification comments regarding what the president made about defending Taiwan from a Chinese attack, were already being made. This is the second time in the last few months that his administration has had to walk back Biden’s comments on this subject.

Even when the topic changed, things didn’t get any better when  he was asked about inflation. Biden’s answer was perhaps the worst imaginable answer he could have made.

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When the economic news is bad, there are only two ways for the president to handle it. Of course, the right way is to admit the truth and have a quantifiable plan to improve the economy. Americans are very forgiving of politicians who speak plainly and truthfully to them. The other way, that is wrong, is to simply pretend everything is great, and if you don’t think so, you are an idiot. You can probably guess which strategy Biden chose.

Biden’s response and excuse for the 8.3% inflation rate was the rate only went up “an inch.” His answer was basically that, even though the poor and middle-class are getting hammered, it went up only “an inch.”

As Hillary Clinton once said, “What difference does it make,” Biden doesn’t care if the overall rate is still sky-high, with core inflation continuing to rise, mainly driven by food and housing.

If that answer wasn’t bad enough, on top of that Biden declared that the pandemic is over regarding the coronavirus.

One might ask, is that statement bothersome. Not to me, as it has been over for me for years. But in regards to the Biden administration, the president might as well have dropped a nuclear bomb in the middle of the White House. He provided no advance waring of his comments to any of his health officials, leaving many with a chapped rear end.

When pressed on his fitness for office, he delivered a line that perfectly illustrates why he’s not fit for office:

When Biden says “watch me,” he doesn’t realize we all have been watching him since he took office and we definitively aren’t impressed or like what we see. It seems that Biden actually believes he has done a good job, and if that is the case, he should definitely spend a little more time outside of Delaware.

Of course, in Biden’s thoughts, in the end this is all the fault of Americans. You have to understand that Biden actually thinks things are great and we Americans are just psychologically incapable of being happy because of COVID-19 or some other personal problem.

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We could keep going with the clips as this was an interview that just doesn’t quit.  Whoever let Biden off his leash and onto 60 Minutes without a chauffeur, really screwed up again.

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Great article. These clips are priceless.

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