Last week on Wednesday, President Biden was in Las Vegas at the University of Nevada. His visit there was to talk about his supposedly “lowering costs for American families” for prescription drug costs. Most Americans realize that everything Biden does raises costs for American families.

Biden began his speech mentioning prescription drugs and then chuckled about dying from heart disease, and then inthe next breath he was bragging that he had “declared war on cancer.”

This is an indication of someone who isn’t capable of making decisions, much less declaring war on cancer. That is just a bunch of braggart talk. Unfortunately, his “war” on cancer is like the rest of his policies, just hot air. It’s hard to believe the president of the United States is laughing at people dying from heart disease. That’s like when he laughed at Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene over the discussion of a mom losing two sons to fentanyl. There are some things that people don’t laugh about, and that’s one of them. Laughing at dying from heart disease is another.

The President then talked about how, after decades of trying to take on big Pharma, they’d “finally won.” How can he actually be talking seriously. Democrats have been in bed with “big Pharma” for decades. Even Biden mandated compliance with getting vaccines from big Pharma. So, if “we” won, the “we” probably doesn’t mean the American people. This is another huge lie that Biden keeps repeating.

Then Biden continued his lying when he started speaking about his budget and his economic policies. He lied about cutting the deficit when, in fact, even CNN and Moody’s have called him out on that falsehood.

Biden then said, “Show me your budget and I’ll show you what you value.”

This was a perfect comment on his budget, even though he didn’t realize it. Because his budget perfectly shows what he values, and it isn’t the American people or what’s in their best interests. As Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) pointed out earlier this month the things he does value is the Democrats’ leftist agenda.

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It’s obvious that President Biden doesn’t care about reducing inflation. If he did, the president he would stop his reckless spending. He doesn’t care about securing the border, or his DHS wouldn’t have to lie to Congress about whether or not the border was secure, he’d be doing everything he could to secure it. All Biden’s budget is, is just afestival of grabbing our money to use it for the radical agenda, including funding the Ukraine war with Russia.

Biden continued his lying when he said there was “nothing radical” about his budget and he claimed it was “overwhelmingly popular.” But then he did turn around and say one true thing:

“It’s a hell of a lot more popular than I am!” Biden admitted. And most Americans probably agree with that statement. Most of his budget is probably unpopular, but at least the left will like the radical parts. If that is the case, that already makes it more popular than old Joe who is unpopular across the board.

Here is a sign of how unpopular he is and how people don’t like his policies. Listen to the reaction when he promises, “There’s a lot more coming.”

It appears that the silence in the reaction to his statement “a lot more coming,” tells the truth that our people know “a lot more coming” from Joe Biden is something to be feared and concerned about.

We appreciate our friends at Republican Daily for contributions in this article.

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