Biden Clinging to Power as Harris Continues Her Push and Backstabbing to Take Over

It isn’t much of a secret that Kamala Harris and the Bidens aren’t on the best of terms. According to Dick Morris, who is a former Clinton advisor, pro-Biden and pro-Kamala forces are apparently at war over whether to remove Biden or keep him in place.

In a recent radio interview Morris said, “The rumor I keep hearing from sources close to the White House is that Biden is getting worse. That the dementia is really becoming noticeable and harder to control and harder to camouflage. I believe there may be a move coming to invoke the 25​th amendment against Biden and replace him with Harris.”

Morris continued in the interview, “Biden’s people are pushing back against it by shooting at Harris and saying that she’s not really ready to be president. The only reason for them to do that is to push back against the 25th Amendment coup.”

So, things already aren’t great between the two, but they might be getting worse as, according to Jesse Watters, Kamala has been stabbing Biden in the back by reaching out to donors while Biden was overseas. As Watter commented when talking with Kellyanne Conway: “Wow. That is big news. And that is some real serious backstabbing. Before the midterms, you are reaching out to donors while your president is overseas. Unbelievable. I’m not surprised though. I mean, he knew what he was getting into when he picked her for VP. Remember that debate. Not a very nice woman.”

The news on Kamala reaching out to donors was first reported by CNBC, “Vice President Kamala Harris has been in touch with a small group of allies who helped to organize her successful California campaigns for district attorney, attorney general and U.S. Senate, and has held private meetings of at least three supporters in her residences, according to a person briefed on the matter. Harris has said in interviews that she plans to run on Biden’s ticket in 2024.”

The person continued and explained that Harris has been in touch with at least two wealthy friends; Vanessa Getty, a model and wife of Billy Getty, an heir to the billionaire Getty family, as well as Lauren Powel Jobs, a billionaire businesswoman and widow of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Both have been close to Harris throughout her political career, and Getty and her family fundraised for many of the vice president’s earlier campaigns for office in California and her unsuccessful 2020 run for president.

Conway noted in her discussion with Watters why Kamala’s backstabbing of Biden is reasonably clear, saying “Right now, Jesse, the White House functions like an assisted living facility. It’s no longer funny and no longer fair to us in America. We deserve a president and commander-in-chief who has a command of the English language. A command of his steps. If you can’t find your seat at the table, you don’t deserve to have one.”

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