On Monday President Joe Biden said the killing in Bucha, Ukraine, amid the withdrawal of Russian forces from the region, again repeated Russian President Vladimir Putin is a war criminal who needs held accountable. ​

“You may remember I got criticized for calling Putin a war criminal,” Biden told reporters in Washington, D.C., after arriving back from Wilmington, Delaware, where he spent the weekend. “Well, the truth of the matter, you saw what happened in Bucha. This warrants him, he is a war criminal.”

The U.S. has stopped short of using the term ‘genocide’ because of its strict legal definition and the heavy implications it carries. Asked whether the latest reported atrocities are genocide, Biden told reporters, “No, I think it is a war crime.”

Biden said administration officials were gathering evidence on the apparent atrocities from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, now in its sixth week, for a possible war crimes trial.

“We have to gather all the details so this can be an actual — have a war crimes trial,” the president said. “This guy is brutal, and what’s happening in Bucha is outrageous, and everyone’s seen it.”

Biden called again for an investigation and trial, even seeming to suggest that Putin himself should face a courtroom.

Contrary to Biden’s thought of it not being a genocide, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told reporters in Bucha on Monday, “These are war crimes, and they will be recognized by the world as genocide. You are here today and can see what happened. We know of thousands of people killed and tortured, with severed limbs, raped women, murdered children. I think it is more than — this is a genocide.”

Meanwhile, what you read above is the American and western media narrative, but what about those actually on the ground? Like an American journalist who’s been living in the Ukraine since 2014 on the ground reporting the truth named Patrick Lancaster?

Here’s some videos of Patrick with actual Ukrainians who explain what’s been happening since 2014, and the shelling is coming from the Ukraine, not Russia.

Here’s yet another video where Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine explain that it’s the Ukrainian military shelling them and killing them, not the Russian military.

The facts are the American and western media are lying to you to push a narrative just like they did Covid-19, and it’s disgusting. We’ll keep the truth flowing here at The DC Patriot.

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