Biden Calls Kamala Harris is “President Harris” in Latest Blunder, or Was It?

By now we are all used to President Joe Biden and his gaffes and blunders on television. He’s had them for decades and they’ve only gotten worse with age. It’s also the reason that more than half of America doesn’t believe he won the 2020 elections. The man couldn’t fill up 30 circles on a lawn, but somehow garnered 81 million votes?

Now onto the latest blunder from the Commander in Chief, and it’s yet another doozy. It’s also what most Americans feel is happening.

“Now, President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccine center in Arizona, not long ago” Biden said. “One of the nurses on that, on that tour, injecting people, giving vaccinations, said that each shot is like administering a dose of hope.”

Biden’s called his sister his wife, he’s even bitten his wife’s finger when she was talking and moving her hands around during his presidential campaign. The man is clearly not all there, and it’s becoming sad to watch this train wreck unfold.

Remember when Biden couldn’t remember his Secretary of Defenses name? That was great wasn’t it?

“I just want to thank you both, and I want to thank the Sec — the, the, uh, former general, I keep calling him general — my, my, uh, the guy who runs that outfit over there. Uh, uh, I want to make sure we thank the Secretary for all he’s done…”

Now onto the latest gaffe, watch below as Biden calls Kamala, President Harris. We’re not sure he’s joking by the way, we believe that’s who’s actually running America. A woman who couldn’t even get 10% in a primary.


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Nunno Yobizniz.
Nunno Yobizniz.
1 year ago

This is old news. Everybody with even a modicum of intellegence knows this is Obama/Harris and coming in a distant and insignificant third, is Joe Biden.