Biden Approval at 36% in Latest Poll, Only at 24% Among Independents as Ship Continues to Sink

Things just keep getting worse and worse for Metamucil Joe, as he’s dropping like a rock yet again in the latest approval polls.

According to a recent Civiqs poll, Biden’s job approval is as low as ever, with only a minuscule 36% of Americans approving of his inflation response.

When Independents, the crucial voting bloc each party fights over, are examined separately, the news is even worse. Among them, Biden has only 24% job approval.

Similarly, battlegrounds states aren’t looking good for Joe, who’s over 20 points underwater in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Why? Well, probably because Americans care more about what’s happening domestically than in some oligarch-run nation in Eastern Europe. As Byron York put it when speaking on Fox:

The whole Putin’s price hike thing is not going to work, because it conflicts with people’s everyday experience. First of all, anybody who has been to the grocery store or tried to buy a car knows that inflation is not just the price of gas.

They also remember just last year inflation had hit about five percent by May of last year. People were very concerned about it. The White House was saying it was transitory. It was a major concern then. And it’s even more so now. A new “Wall Street Journal” poll just came out today asked Americans what issue would you like it see the Congress and the president make a top priority? And the number of people who said the war in Ukraine was 25 percent. The number of people who said inflation was 50 percent.

Americans want things to be better domestically more than anything. Unfortunately for his numbers, Democrat chances of reelection, and the pocketbooks of ordinary Americans that doesn’t look like it’s gonna be the case.

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