The Democrat party, including the top two, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, have repeatedly claimed to be the party of “science.”  Thye have claimed this belief of “science throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that has injured millions of Americans and killed hundreds of thousands on Joe Biden’s watch.

Their statements say wear masks, because of “science” or don’t wear masks because of “science.” They tell you to get the vaccinations, which are experimental and suspect in their ability to battle the latest variant of coronavirus, because of “science.”

They have combined Covid with other “science” claims, such as climate change, transgender, illegal aliens and many others things. Now, Kamala Harris has taken her party’s dedication to “science” completely off the rails.

Harris did this by tweeting on September 12 that the vaccinated must be “protected.”  Her tweet reads, “By vaccinating the unvaccinated, increasing our testing and masking, and protecting the vaccinated, we can end this pandemic. That’s exactly what we are committed to doing.”

This doesn’t make any sense at all. And a lot of other people agree with that statement. Commentary writer Kaylee Mcghee White at the Washington Examiner questioningly wrote this about Biden’s message to reach her point saying, “To Justify his sweeping and constitutionally dubious employer vaccine mandate, President Joe is claiming his order is necessary to ‘protect the vaccinated.’ If that’s the case, what’s the point of vaccination in the first place?”

She explained, “The coronavirus vaccines are supposed to protect people from serious illness and death, and thus far, they have been highly effective at doing just that. Multiple studies have also shown that they protect recipients from the virus’s mutations, including the delta variant. In other words, vaccinated adults no longer need to fear COVID-19. They are more likely to die from a car crash or a bee sting or a dog attack than from COVID-19.”  But, according to her, Biden still wants them to believe they’re at risk. 

President Joe Biden said last week, “We cannot allow the unvaccinated to stand in the way of protecting the large majority of Americans who have done their part and want to get back to life as normal. This is not about freedom or personal choice. It’s about protecting yourself and those around you, the people you work with, the people you care about, the people you love. The bottom line: we’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers.”

Then after Biden’s statement, Harris’ tweet came out on Sunday. Any number of commenters online noted the message and its inconsistency.  One pointed out, “Why do the vaccinated still need protection? Either the vaccines work, or they don’t. Right now, it seems like Biden and Harris believe they don’t.”

Another tweeted, “If the vaccine isn’t protecting people, why would anyone get it? And why are you mandating something you admit doesn’t work?

Yet another said, “Protecting the vaccinated? You are outright denying the efficiently of the jab. What are we doing?”

A commentary at Twitchy said, “Harris’ tweet literally makes zero sense from a scientific perspective. Nothing the Biden administration has done makes any sense from a scientific perspective.”

Twitchy added, “Sometimes it’s difficult to tell, honestly. There are two possible explanations for a tweet like Kamala Harris’: either she legitimately doesn’t understand how vaccines work and doesn’t understand how science in general works, or she’s counting on the public’s ignorance in order to justify authoritarian power grabs. Neither scenario is not incredibly disturbing.”

Fox News explained it this way, “There has been widespread confusion over vaccine rhetoric from the Biden administration, as a push to protect the vaccinated has become a common talking point, despite the vaccines already providing strong protection for those who’ve gotten them.”

Of course, another very disturbing fact with the vaccines is the continued infection of COVID-19 in the vaccinated, and even more disturbing, the growing numbers of deaths, of the vaccinated.

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steven Lattey
steven Lattey
1 year ago

Gee, Virtually every single person who is in intensive care is UNVACCINATED. The states with the lowest vaccination rates have hospitals that cannot handle the load. Idaho is in a crisis with the hospitals filled with fools who refuse to get vaccinated. This Matt Couch guy is just another idiot spreading stupid shit. Very simple. talk to the people on the front lines and see what they have to say. Talk to Real doctors. Real immunologists. Not Fox News Quacks.

Lamar Floyd
Lamar Floyd
1 year ago

Steven Lattey is making up statistics and clearly can’t get Fox News out of his head.