Biden and Dems Ignore FDA Warning and Continues to Push for Gender Altering Drugs for Children

While the Biden administration is doing everything it legally can to push gender change procedures for children, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning of serious side effect caused by puberty blockers.

The FDA announced a warning in July about puberty blockers known as gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists (GnRH) that if injected into children could cause swelling of the brain, headache, blurred or loss of vision, tinnitus, dizziness, and nausea.

The FDA said six cases were identified in young girls aged 5 to 12 years that had a plausible association between the puberty blockers use and pseudotumor cerebri, which the Mayo Clinic identifies as pressure inside the skull increasing for no obvious reason. The condition is also identified as idiopathic intracranial hypertension in which symptoms mimic abrain tumor.

Former Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard blasted the Biden regime in a recent video, calling Biden and his cronies out for what she describes as their “dangerously promoting child abuse” over their support for what leftists’ call “gender-affirming care.”


The “gender-affirming care” consists of providing the aforementioned drugs (puberty blockers) to kids. And the use of the drugs is in addition to “gender-affirming” surgery, which removes body parts and is obviously irreversible in many cases.

The Biden team has publicly promoted the use of those drugs and provision of those surgeries in a document called “Gender-Affirming Care and Young People.”

That document, which came from the Office of Population Affairs in the U.S. Department of Health and Humane Services (HHS) claims that “gender-affirming care” consists of an array of services that may include medical, surgical, mental health, and non-medical services for transgender and nonbinary people” and then goes on to claim that “early gender-affirming care,” by which it means the provision of it to kids, “is crucial to overall health and well-being.”

Despite that, Team Biden has continued to argue that the drugs, which will now include warning labels about what they could lead to, to kids, arguing that kids who think they should really be other gender should receive “gender-affirming care.”

As you can see and hear in the video, Gabbard, absolutely taking Team Biden to task over its support of providing the potentially dangerous drugs to kids said, “The FDA made a disturbing, but not at all surprising, announcement just a few days ago about children’s health.”

Continuing, Gabbard said, “Now, if you haven’t heard about it, or if you missed it, it’s because the mainstream media and the Biden-Harris administration have been completely silent on it, and this warning that the FDA issued is basically saying that the puberty blockers can cause serious health risks for our kids.”

Gabbard added that the Team Biden was cheering the providing of drugs and irreversible surgeries to confused kids. “Unfortunately, at almost the exact time the FDA issued this warning, Biden-Harris administration officials were making public statements actively promoting the use of puberty blockers and irreversible surgeries for kids. Now, let’s be clear; This administration is dangerously promoting child abuse.”

President appointed Admiral Rachel Levine, a transgender admiral as The Assistant Secretary of Health, and is perhaps one of the loudest voices in the administration when it comes to championing the drugs the FDA and Tulsi released the warning about, saying that there’s “no argument” the “gender-affirming care’ should be provide to kids.

Assistant Secretary of Health, Levine, is now the highest-ranking transgender individual in the government, defended “gender-affirming care” in an interview with National Public Radio (NPR) in advance of delivering a speech at the Out For Health Conference which was being held in Texas this past weekend.

The Biden administration has doubled down on its advocacy for the sexual mutilation of children through irreversible gender reassignment surgery with his top health official Rachel Levine citing what is likely a cherry-picked collection of medical professionals to make the case for a practice that many contend is, at best, child abuse.

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