Biden Administration Plans To Reopen Borders With Mexico and Canada to Vaccinated Travelers, Illegals Don’t Have to be Vaccinated Though

The Biden Regime who has the worst border crisis in American history is now planning to reopen the borders with Canada and Mexico to vaccinated travelers The Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

People that are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will be able to enter the United States for non-essential purposes including visiting family or tourism in November, according to WAPO. Even though the vaccine doesn’t keep you from getting or spreading Covid-19, makes perfect sense right America?

In fact, many scientific arguments can now be made that vaccinated are spreading the virus at an alarming rate over unvaccinated.

Anyone planning to cross the border for non-essential or essential travel is required to be vaccinated in January.

Local officials in U.S. border towns have urged the Biden Administration to lift pandemic travel restrictions since vaccines became more available.

Of course the new guidance won’t affect those who enter the country illegally. You can’t make up this bag of stupid America.

The Trump-era public health order allowing for rapid-expulsions implemented in response to Covid-19 will remain in place also.

“The Title 42 restrictions are really about protecting the migrants themselves, the DHS workforce and local communities,” an official told the Post. “There’s a strong public health basis, for the moment, for continuing with the Title 42 restrictions.”

Travelers who enter the U.S. legally at ports of entry aren’t held in detention centers like those who cross illegally, according to the Post.

The Biden administration also announced plans to ease restrictions on air travel for foreigners entering the U.S. in November, the Post reported.

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David E Gignac
David E Gignac
3 months ago

We are literally going to have to fight our way out of this place, that hole in the wall may turn out to be a good thing.