Biden Accuses Trump Of Brutal Attacks On ‘Peaceful’ ANTIFA Rioters

Democrats seem to believe that their barely concealed support for violent anarchists and distaste for law and order will be winning issues in November and now Joe Biden has also come out in support of the rioters.

The party’s presumptive nominee and Trojan horse for socialism issued a statement that accused President Trump of “brutally attacking peaceful protesters” in Portland, a huge lie that will be repeated by the media regardless of lunchbucket Joe’s dishonesty.

Biden is referring to a viral video of federal CBP agents dressed in camouflage arresting a black-clad anarchist, who had been involved in the nearly two months of violent riots and destruction of property that have been ongoing in the Rose City.  

Dems and their front groups quickly flew to the defense of the anarchists and criminals as they have done throughout the Trump presidency and now the borderline senile front for extremists who desire to radically transform America has also sided with ANTIFA. 

Via Reuters, “Biden accuses Trump of ‘egregious tactics’ in Portland protest crackdown”:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden accused the Trump administration on Tuesday of “egregious tactics” in cracking down on protests in Portland, Oregon, saying the response by federal agents was stoking divisions in the country.

Biden, who leads Republican President Donald Trump in opinion polls ahead of the Nov. 3 election, said in a statement that Homeland Security agents in Portland, some without any identifying markings, had been “brutally attacking peaceful protesters” and ranging far from federal property to detain people.

Here’s the video that has become the focal point of the Dems’ latest line of attack on President Trump. 

With the big Dem push to both terrorize law-abiding citizens to suppress voter turnout while energizing angry blacks who dislike and distrust the police, the party has placed itself on the side of criminals who have been given a free pass by Democrat officials. 

Biden’s condemnation of Trump for attempting to restore order is just one more example of how his apparent senility has made him into a front that will dupe Americans into voting a dangerous and transformative force into power. 

He will then quickly be discarded or locked away in the White House basement. 

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