Bible is ‘HATE SPEECH,’ says Finnish Prosecutors in Ridiculous Trial Over Holy Book and Message

As the attacks on Christians and Conservatives around the world continues, this one is just completely almost unbelievable. But then again, it’s not because it’s 2022 and the world is going in a downward spiral and fast.

Prosecutors in a case of two Finnish Christian leaders called the Holy Bible “Hate Speech” in their arguments this week, The Federalist reported.

While standing trial against the Finnish government in Helsinki, Members of Parliament Päivi Räsänen and Lutheran Bishop Juhana Pohjola defended a booklet they wrote and published in 2004 defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

”The prosecutor began the day by trying to explain that this case was not about beliefs and the Bible. She then, and I’m not kidding, she then proceeded to quote Old Testament Bible verses,” said Paul Coleman, a human rights lawyer with Alliance Defending Freedom International, in a phone interview with the outlet.

”Trial attorneys, Finnish trial attorneys who have been in and out of court every day for years, said they didn’t think the Bible had ever been read out like that in a prosecution.”

Coleman then added that the judge cross-examined about his theology, asking for interpretations on the Bible and if he followed “Gods Law” or “Finnish law.”

”I would characterize the day as a modern-day inquisition or heresy trial,” Coleman concluded. ”And the heresy was that Paivi and Bishop Juhana were on trial against the new sexual orthodoxy of the day.”

Coleman said the the trial went on longer than anyone expected on Monday and will conclude on Feb 14. The court’s decision will be released between two and four weeks after that.

On Monday, five Republican U.S. Senators sent a letter to Rashad Hussain, the ambassador-at-large for International Religions Freedom, urging him to ”monitor the alarming case in Finland against two Christians who have voiced their deeply held convictions.” Read more at Newsmax.

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Al Done
Al Done
1 year ago

The “Bible” – Jewry’s compilation of tales appropriated from various cultures and of elaborate fabrications of their own – does contain vengeant, hateful, cruel speech consistent with the tribe, but what is astonishing in the first place is how grown-up people guide their lives and manage institutions in accordance with such childish, manipulative narrative. Like Mark Twain said it – a book of a thousand lies – and a nefarious tool against the free man, I may add.

1 year ago

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One of His
One of His
1 year ago

People who don’t believe in God remind me of pro abortionists, everyone that believes abortion is acceptable or doesn’t believe in God are alive. ‘A fool in his heart says there is no God’. Quite frankly the very proof of His existence is in YOURS. You can’t make yourself and don’t be so obtuse to say your parents did. Your parents merely provide the genetics of your body, your very essence of who YOU are, that spark that makes you- YOU, came from somewhere before you were placed into the genetic tissues in your mother’s womb. If you knew the… Read more »