Beto Blows Off ‘Al Queda & ISIS as Just Fake ‘boogeman’ (VIDEO)

We all know that Beto O’Rourke is about as much of a fake as it gets. He’s not even Spanish, in fact he’s Irish.

However he can’t run from what he’s said in the past about terrorist groups Al Queda and ISIS.

Our good friend comedian Tim Young found this gem of Beto speaking at Ted Ex where is blows off ISIS and “Al Queda after 9-11” as just fake “boogeymen.”

This entire speech is just absolutely absurd when you listen to it, especially in it’s entirety. You can listen to the whole speech below.

My favorite Beto line in this speech is this one. “The Border Makes America Great. Or, How We Survived The Libyan Hit Squads And Isis Terrorist Camps.”

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