Bernie Sanders Refuses to Release Medical Records

Socialist Senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who had a heart attack in October and who promised to release his medical records, is now backtracking by refusing to release all of the records.

“We have released, I think, quite as much as any other candidate has,” said Sanders. “We released two rather detailed letters from cardiologists and we released a letter that came from the head of the U.S. Congress medical group.”

After the heart attack, Sanders vowed to release all of his health records “before the first votes are cast,” adding it was “the right thing to do.”

During an interview on CNN at the time, Sanders said that “people do have a right to know about the health of a senator and someone running for president. At the appropriate time, we’ll make all the medical records public for you or anyone else who wants to see them.”

“We’ll release them, we always planned to release them. And we have more medical records obviously now, and we will release them at the appropriate time,” he said as reported by The Hill.

On Tuesday, Sanders backtracked by joking about the state of his health, saying “If you think I’m not in good health, come on out with me on the campaign trail and I’ll let you introduce me to the three or four rallies a day that we do.”

Sanders’ campaign took a different approach by comparing questions about Sanders’ health to former President Barack Obama’s “birtherism.”

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