Bernie Sanders ‘People in this Country Would be Delighted to Pay More in Taxes’

Yup, he said it. Delusional failed Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders went there.

Wednesday night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Sanders said these words. “People in this country would be delighted to pay more in taxes.”

Really Bernie, says who?

I can’t name one American that I know personally that would like to pay more in taxes, not one.

Watch this bizarre and insane interview clip below from his segment on Anderson Cooper tonight.

So that’s what they are running on folks, socialized medicine. You pay more in taxes, and the government will control your healthcare, sounds lovely doesn’t it?

I mean after all, Obamacare turned out so well for everyone, didn’t it? People making $50,000 a year are now paying $12,000 per year for healthcare, with a $6500 deductible.

The real question is, how insane are the Americans that will actually vote for Sanders?

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