Bernie Sanders Compares Baltimore to 3rd World Country

This is what happens when the internet is forever.

It’s like Democrats truly don’t understand how the internet works. As many of you know President Trump is in a battle with Elijah Cummings and the Democrats over remarks he made about Baltimore being a crime laden hell hole. Which it is.

But hold on liberals, let’s show you exactly what your own party has said and done to Baltimore.

Here’s Bernie Sanders in 2015 comparing Baltimore to a third world country in the Baltimore Sun.

Hoping to reach African-American voters nationally in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday toured the West Baltimore neighborhood where Freddie Gray was arrested — and likened the poverty he observed to that of the Third World.

The independent senator, who describes himself as a democratic socialist, walked the streets of Sandtown-Winchester for about 20 minutes, joined by community leaders and a swarm of cameras that mostly blocked his view of boarded rowhomes and crumbling marble steps. A handful of residents joined the spectacle, and occasionally broke out in chants of Gray’s name.

The scene provided dramatic visuals of the economic inequality Sanders has made the center of his campaign, offering a new backdrop from which to argue for a higher minimum wage, tuition-free public college and tougher federal regulations of the nation’s banking sector.

“Anyone who took the walk that we took around this neighborhood would not think you’re in a wealthy nation,” Sanders told reporters later at the Freddie Gray Empowerment Center in Bolton Hill. “You would think that you were in a Third World country.”

You can read more of Bernie Sanders tearing into the city of Baltimore HERE.

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Odd Ball
Odd Ball
3 years ago

I guess the tree doesn’t fall far from the apple !!

Not once did Triumph mention skin color or anything to do with race, But for some reason supposed highly educated people like Liz Warren, Pelosi, The Broad Squad,….say it is racist.

Newsflash, you can’t claim racism, you have to show it. Simply because you criticize a Black person, does not make it racist.