Benghazi Survivor Shares Personal Account on Anniversary

On the anniversary of the Benghazi attacks, former Army Ranger and CIA security contractor Kris Paronto takes to Instagram (he is currently being censored on Twitter with a temporary suspension) to share his personal story.

Paronto speaks of the night after the attacks on Benghazi and how deeply it affected him to see the coffins of his friends, also contractors, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Specialist Sean Smith, prior to loading of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens‘ coffin, draped in United States flags.

These heartfelt posts come following comments from former president Barack Obama calling the attacks on Benghazi a conspiracy theory. 

He’d also been on the receiving end of further attacks from individuals on the left side of the aisle after comments he made in response to Obama’s efforts to disclaim the events in Benghazi including former talk show host, U.S. Marine and Naval Officer Montel Williams.


Paronto responded to Williams’ post which has since been deleted.

It appears that Twitter has become a virtual bullying pulpit as it continues to censor conservative accounts like Paronto’s.

The question remains, will U.S. Congress invite its CEO Jack Dorsey back to Capitol Hill to continue hearings?

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