Bed Bath & Beyond Pulls Black Jack-O’-Lanterns Amid Black Face Complaints

The left is absolutely insane, and liberalism is officially a mental disorder.

Mega retailer Bed Bath & Beyond stops selling black jack-o’-lanterns amid complaints that they are another form of blackface.

News 12 in Westchester, NY, reports that a New York law firm bought the fake pumpkins to decorate their offices and later removed them following a complaint from the local chapter of the NAACP. 

Wilbur Aldridge, the regional director at the NAACP, said in a statement that the pumpkin design “shows an extreme lack of sensitivity.” 

 “By now I would believe everyone [would] know that anything in Black face is offensive… Equally as offensive is that a retail store would have such an item in [their] inventory for general purchase,” the statement read, according to News 12.

It’s a sad politically correct world of idiots ER now live in America.

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