Beard Vet Announces Sponsorship Partnership with The DC Patriot

Beard Vet, America’s leading veteran owned male grooming product has agreed to become one of the official sponsors of The DC Patriot and our own Matt Couch.

“Beard Vet is the fastest growing Beard Brand in America, and we’re proud to partner with the guys and Matt Couch over at The DC Patriot”, said founders Sean George and Amy Bender.

“Sean and Amy donate their time to giving back to veterans across the country. Sean works with Code of Vets, among many other veteran groups including Disabled American Veterans, we are honored to be a part of this journey with Beard Vet,” said DC Patriot founder Matt Couch

Here is the statement from the About Us page via

When you choose BEARD VET beard oil and balm, you are not just getting a cosmetic ointment, you are getting a product that is healthy and beneficial for your skin and beard.

As you grow your beard you will be able to relate to this; if you ever stop shaving for a few weeks – you might experience the infamous beard itch! The beard itch is not mere friction and stinging from the new grown hair. It is the actual skin rebelling since your face isn’t getting the proper treatment. If you wish for your beard and your skin to be healthy and itch free, you should really think about using one of the products above to alleviate the unnecessary stress.  A bigger beard or more hair on your face will also make your beard dry since the oil making deposits in your skin won’t be sufficient for all the newly sprung hair. This is the reason a lot of men have problems with dry skin and dandruff – and it can all be stopped with beard oil. Special oils developed just for your beard will hydrate your skin and hair, making it healthier, more resistant and less likely to succumb to the above mentioned issues.

Co-Founder is an American Disabled Veteran USMC Charlie Battery 1st Battalion 2nd Marine Div.

This is a great opportunity for both brands to work together and give back. With Beard Vet’s support it helps our investigations, news, media, and reporting. With our networking ability combined with Beard Vet we look forward to helping them give back across this great nation,” said Bill Pierce, co founder of The DC Patriot.

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