Barstool Sports Threatens to Sue Trump Over Schiff Shirt

Barstool Sports has a Roger Goodell parody shirt that went viral from founder Dave Portnoy. It’s got a picture of the NFL commissioner with a red nose on it, a clown nose. Now he’s threatening to sue the Trump Administration over a similar shirt, does he have a case?

On Friday evening the President’s son Don Trump, Jr. unveiled a similar shirt of his own, this one of congressman Adam Schiff. Hilarious, both shirts of course are parody’s.

This prompted Barstool Sports President and Founder to say that he was going to sue the Trump administration with this tweet.

Only one problem, both shirts are parody’s. The only case that they might have is under the Fair Use Act, but even then I don’t believe that Dave Portnoy has a snowballs chance in hell of winning a lawsuit against the Trump’s over a shirt.

First off, he would have to own copyrights on clowns, clown shirts, clown noses, blue shirts, and pencils, etc. You get it, the case just isn’t here.

But Portnoy is always one for attention, and he’s brilliant and marketing and getting his brand exposure. This is nothing more or less than just that. A great marketing guy, getting some attention.

Portnoy is a friend and frequent guest of Fox News Tucker Carlson, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing ole Dave this week on Tucker.

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