Barr Beats Back Bullying Nut Jobs in House Hearing: ‘Since When Is It Okay To Try And Burn Down A Federal Courthouse?’

What an absolute shit show Tuesday was for the American people and the tyrannical government that’s in charge of our lives.

The hearing was supposed to be about the use of federal officers in liberal cities protecting federal buildings and monuments. That’s far from what happened though, as the Attorney General William Barr was never allowed to even answer a question.

One Democrat after another, though, failed to show concern of any kind over the violence at Portland. No Democrat praised the courage of the federal officers. Instead, Democrats mocked President Trump’s motive for sending in officers as political.

Tuesday Americans learned otherwise. Attacks on federal property and personnel have been going on for weeks. The need for action is plain. Mr. Barr was unflappable, but blunt. One highlight came when he was being questioned by Congressman Steve Chabot, a Republican of Ohio. “Federal courts are under attack,” Mr. Barr said, before exclaiming: “Since when is it okay to try and burn down a federal court?”

That a U.S. attorney general has to make that point to Congress is itself amazing, and Mr. Barr marked it well. “This is the first time in my memory,” he said at one point, “that the leaders of one of our great two political parties — the Democratic Party — are not coming out and condemning mob violence and the attack on federal courts. Why can’t we just say, you know, violence against federal courts has to stop? Can we hear like that?”

The Democrats of course had no answer for Barr’s request, in fact it’s almost like they’re hoping America fails, well because they are.

“Every night for the past two months, a mob of hundreds of rioters has laid siege to the federal courthouse and other nearby federal property,” Barr told the House Judiciary Committee.

“The rioters arrive equipped for a fight, armed with powerful slingshots, Tasers, sledgehammers, saws, knives, rifles and explosive devices. Inside the courthouse are a relatively small number of federal law enforcement personnel charged with a defensive mission: to protect the courthouse.”

“Since when is it OK to try to burn down a federal court?” he demanded, saying that federal agents were taking the necessary steps to protect federal property, particularly in Portland.

What are your thoughts on the way our Attorney General was treated on Tuesday by the radical leftist mob?

You can read more from our friends at the Geller Report.

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