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BANANA REPUBLIC: Social Media Influencer Arrested by FBI For Sharing Memes

You can no longer make up the Banana Republic we are now living in America, a social media influencer has been arrested by the FBI for sharing a meme. Yes, you read this opening line right.

So the FBI is now arrested citizens for reporting things that are allegedly untrue, but not the mainstream media? You have to be kidding me!

The following is from the SunSentinel.

In the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, a Delray Beach man is accused of using his popular social-media accounts to intimidate and mislead voters in an effort to help former President Donald Trump win, according to a federal complaint.

Douglass Mackey, 31, used Twitter and Facebook accounts that operated under the alias “Ricky Vaughn” to spread disinformation in the form of memes, messages and hashtags that he developed for the goal of influencing voters, according to the complaint.

He was arrested on Wednesday and later released on $50,000 bond. Public records show he lives in Delray Beach.

His Twitter handle and alias is a reference to the character Ricky Vaughn played by Charlie Sheen in the 1989 film Major League. One of Mackey’s popular Twitter profile pictures featured a modified image of Sheen wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

Here’s the initial brief from The United States Department of Justice:

You can read the full FBI filing HERE.

Isn’t it amazing that they could never spend this kind of time investigating the election fraud, but now they are targeting people on social media whom they don’t agree with? This is an out of control Banana Republic.

The fact that the FBI can’t work towards helping America get a free election, but they can arrest someone who makes memes, should scare the hell out of you America.

This is a developing story.

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1 month ago


Le Prosecutor
1 month ago

This is the election fraud they are investigating? Memes from 2016?

1 month ago

This is why the FBI is no longer a valiid law enforcement agency. They’re going to arrest people like this guy yet Ruby Freeman who committed massive voter fraud to the tune of tens of thousands, her sole actions handing Biden Georgia… yet she hasn’t even been interviewed. Banana f**king republic.

Richard lane
Richard lane
1 month ago

The FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ, and most of the judiciary was irredeemably compromised during the Obama Years. They cheated the system to get Biden in…..and it onIy gets worse from here. One thing is for certain; the United States has Iost aII credibiIity when it comes to democracy and human rights. How can you criticize Russia, China, or North Korea; when you have adopted their tactics?

Red Falcon 1325
Red Falcon 1325
1 month ago

What happened to free speech? Further assault on our Constitutional rights by the the left and corrupt FBI. 2006 memes?? Really??

R Jay
R Jay
1 month ago

Explains in part why the Biden administration kept FBI director Wray and why President Trump was rumored to be replacing him.


[…] Then the same FBI that lied to a FISA court, helped Comey attempt to bring a coup against a presidential candidate, a president-elect and then a sitting president — decided that they’re going to arrest some schlub who created memes. […]

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