Bald Men Are More Intelligent, Successful, and Masculine Study Shows

It turns out that being bald isn’t all that bad. A new report shows that being bald is actually awesome.

The research was conducted by scientist Albert E. Mannes (Yes, he’s bald) at the University of Pennsylvania.

The Study, which had 59 subjects, shows the participants multiple photos of men. The first photo featured a man with a full head of hair, and the second one showed the same man with no hair.

According to the study bald men seem more successful, but apparently they come across as smarter too. Bald men are typically older, and tend to be seen by women as intelligent and wiser, according to another study by the University of Saarland.

Here’s the catch though fellas, If you’ve got a bald spot you’re better off shaving it all off. Men only seem more attractive, intelligent, and successful to women if they’re completely hairless. Men with bald spots seemed weaker and less attractive to women.

Who’s going bald in 2019?

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