AWESOME! Nickelodeon Star Kel Mitchell Reads Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount for Prayer App, Reaches Youth with the Gospel

Kev Mitchell is a former Nickelodeon actor and star, turned youth pastor, and can now add another line to his already impressive bio. Voice talent for the app

Mitchell, 44, read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount for the app’s Bedtime Bible Stories which is meant to educate listeners about Jesus Christ and the Gospels.

“Prayer and time with God are so important to do every day,” said Mitchell. “Finding time to unwind, de-stress and just relax in the word of God is such a blessing! This is why I am so excited about partnering with Prayer is a priority.” features several famous voices reading scripture, leading prayers, and offering Bible lessons, including Lecrae, Drew Brees, James Earl Jones, Charlton Heston, and now Mitchell. 

“Partnering with Kel is an absolute pleasure. His knowledge of the Bible brought incredible inspiration to the project and has really produced an amazing Bedtime Bible Story,” said Max Bard, vice president of Content at “Kel has a phenomenal voice for bedtime stories. I remember even while we were recording in the studio, our audio engineer had mentioned it was one of the most relaxed recording sessions on which he had ever worked.” 

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Mitchell is currently executive producing and appearing in the new iteration of the beloved Nickelodeon series All That

Mitchell as many of you remember was one of the stars of the Nickelodeon hit ‘Kenan and Kev’ in the 90’s that was one of the most popular shows in the networks history.

He currently serves as the youth pastor at Winnetka, California’s Spirit Food Christian Center. Mitchell says he loves speaking to young people on a weekly basis across the country and encouraging them to love God and follow their God-given dreams.

Mitchell recently released a 90-day devotional titled Blessed Mode: 90 Days to Level up your Faith, which debuted in the Top 25 Books in Christian Youth Ministry. His next book, Prank Day, is intended to entertain kids and tweens to help them explore their imagination and will be released on Sept. 6.

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