At Least 14 Dead in Alabama Tornado

Horrific news coming out of Lee Country, Alabama tonight as at least 14 people are dead after a Tornado went through the county.

The death toll was confirmed by the Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones, and more people are still missing. “Many, many” are among the injured, according to Fox News.

“I can say that at this time we have 14 confirmed fatalities. And again, the search continues. We still have some people that are reported missing,” said Jones, according to The Weather Channel. He called the damage “catastrophic.”

“The sheriff in Lee County, AL says the path of destruction is a half mile wide, and several miles long. Homes were completely destroyed in the path of the tornado. in addition to the fatalities, several people have been seriously injured,” Steve Brusk, a CNN reporter wrote on Twitter.

The D.C. Patriot sends it’s thoughts and prayers to all of those families who lost a loved one, or who have been through this horrific storm.

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