Ashli Babbitt’s Husband Still Doesn’t Know Identity of Capitol Police Officer Who Killed His Wife

The husband of Ashli Babbitt is firing shots as the pressure heats up on finding out who murdered his wife at the Capitol on January 6. Folks, this is murder, there’s no other way around it. She was unarmed, shot in the neck, and killed by a Capitol Police officer that they are protecting.

Who ordered this assassination is now becoming the question?

“Somebody up in D.C. knows, I think a lot of people know, but nobody is telling us. And the silence is deafening,” Aaron Babbitt said on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday.

“There has never been a person Ashli ran across in her daily life that didn’t love her and wouldn’t remember her in some way, shape or form for the rest of her life,” he continued, adding that the public’s perception of his wife “sickens” him. “But this is the game. This is the social media craziness that people just run with a theory and just take off with it. You know, it is up to us and the ones that love her and people like you for not giving up on it.”

The lawyer for Aaron Babbitt believes that this is the same Capitol Police officer who was in a controversy in 2019 who left his loaded handgun in a public men’s room at the Capitol.

“So, if it turns out that she was shot for reasons — again, they still have not explained to us —by a Capitol Police officer who left a loaded handgun in a public men’s room and kept his job somehow, do you think that is why they are hiding the truth?” Carlson asked during the show.

“I think one of the reasons they are hiding his identity is they don’t have a good reason for this shooting,” Aaron’s lawyer responded. “I think if Ashli Babbitt had been brandishing a firearm and she was shot here, the officer would be identified by now and pinning a medal on him. So, I don’t think we have an explanation for the shooting and why they have not identified [him].”

As we reported at The DC Patriot a week ago, Babbitt is suing the Metropolitan Police Department for refusing to identify the officer who shot his wife Ashli.

The Department of Justice claims they “conducted a thorough investigation” of the shooting and announced they would not seek any charges. If Ashli Babbitt were a black woman, they would have burned DC to the ground by now. We all know it.

This is a developing story and just getting started America.

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7 months ago

a lot of speculation from husband. also she was among the other terrorists who forced, broke windows and were completely out of control. What did she or any of the others expect for the officers to just welcome them in. Give me a break she was there under her decision and that’s the chance u take

Jann (@drbaferd)
7 months ago

Is it too much to ask to know the name of the federal government employee who, on our behalf, shot an unarmed veteran who was, at worst, trespassing in a public building?Shooting unarmed trespassers who are literally standing right next to cops with AR15s does not make sense…..