Armed Man Trying to Rob Store Slips on Ice and Hits Himself in the Head: ‘Like A Scene from ‘Home Alone”

A man who allegedly tried to rob a Georgia store with a gun slipped on a patch of ice and hit himself in the head before being arrested, Georgia Police say.

The Gainesville Police Department said in a statement that they were called to an unidentified store on the 400 block of the Atlanta Highway in Gainesville in the early morning hours of Christmas Day at about 1 a.m.

Police then found the 30-year-old Luis Sajbocho-Ordonez injured on the ground.

An investigation later found that Sajbocho-Ordonez had hid behind the business until an employee came out and he confronted him and pointed a gun at him, demanding he hadn’t over the money.

The employee got into a physical altercation with the suspect. A second employee then exited the back of the business, Sajbocho-Ordonez was startled and fired off a shot from his gun.

Sajbocho-Ordonez then tried to run away, but he instead slipped on a patch of ice, fell down, and hit his head on the ground. Witnesses at the scene were able to take two guns from the injured man and hold him until police arrived.

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Sajbocho-Ordonez was booked at the Hall County Jail and charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault, but additional charges may be possible.

“Fortunately, no serious injuries occurred and the perp went to jail,” said the Gainesville Police Department.

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