Arkansas ‘Stand Your Ground’ Bill Passes Arkansas House Panel

The Arkansas House panel has approved legislation that would loosen the state’s rules on the use of deadly force in self-defense, a much needed move in the state.

The House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday approved the proposal to remove the State’s duty to retreat.

This is a move that would put Arkansas in line with States like Florida for “Stand Your Ground” and would allow their citizens to have more leisure when it comes to defining themselves.

This ruling reversed the committees decision earlier this month when it rejected the same bill.

Republican Senator Jim Hendren is one of the senators who voted against the bill.  Hendren a massive RINO (Republican in Name Only) said he was leaving the party of the U.S. Capitol incident on January 6th.

“While I believe in the second amendment and I have my concealed carry, and I believe the right to bear arms, I’m concerned about a law that everyone in law enforcement tells us is not necessary and the data shows may lead to more homicides,” he said

25 states across the U.S. currently have Stand Your Ground laws in place. 

Local news outlets of course have ended their articles with how to find and contact your Arkansas State Representatives so you can harass them to go against what 75% of the state wants to happen.

We won’t do that here, we’ll just say well done.

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