Arkansas Senate takes steps to stop federal gun grabbing laws.

Many feel our Constitutional Rights are in jeopardy from those currently in power in the White House, Arkansas Senators appear to share the same concerns. Sen. Gary Stubblefield (R-branch) proposed Senate Bill 298 “Arkansas Sovereignty Act of 2021.” This bill aims to protect Arkansas Citizens by stopping unconstitutional gun laws from entering the state. Senators passed the measure by a 28-7 vote so it now heads to the House side to be voted on. If it passes the house, the bill will then be destined for the governor’s desk for him to sign and protect his Arkansas Citizens.

With the avalanche of worry we have witnessed so far in 2021, it’s highly likely the White House will make a run at removing your right to protect yourself, hunt, target practice etc… by seeking to abolish your 2A rights. So far in 2021, American Worker’s wallets have become an Everlast Punching Bag and our freedom of speech is no longer free. We recently witnessed the tragedy of a U.S. Capitol Police Officer killed in a vehicle attack at our nation’s capitol. The suspect then exited the vehicle, and he lunged at another officer with a knife. The suspect was shot and stopped before he could cause anymore havoc. Can anyone say, “Good guy with a gun”.

In this act of terror, a vehicle and a knife were used by a person with evil intent. It’s well known information how many lives are taken involving vehicles on an annual basis but what readers might not know, is knives are used to take far more lives than so called “Assault Rifles” every year in the US. Despite the amount of DWI fatalities, we never see any politicians or social justice warriors seeking to ban vehicles from America’s roadways. For that matter, according to liberal standards, knives are more dangerous than “Assault Rifles” yet we don’t have relentless efforts to abolish the knife industry but I will digress, for now.

Highlights of Senate Bill 298 says all acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations of the Unites States Government, whether past, present, or future, that infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Arkansas Constitution are invalid in this state and shall not be recognized by the state. This relatively short bill appears to have a simple purpose, to prevent anyone from abolishing Arkansas Citizen’s Constitutional Rights. In a year where it seems our White House puts last place ahead of America, this is a huge win for Arkansas, which isn’t something we hear too often.

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