Arkansas Police Officer Suspended After Dancing Naked to Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ at Night Club (VIDEO)

Let’s not act like some of us haven’t just gotten naked and danced to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” Shouldn’t this be a judgement free zone America? Kind of like Planet Fitness?

A Conway police officer has been suspended after he was recorded dancing naked at a Little Rock nightclub last month.

Officer Cebron Hackett was suspended without pay for 30 days and ordered to complete remedial training. He was off-duty and appeared to be “highly intoxicated” when he removed all his clothes at Discovery Nightclub on Oct. 13, Chief Jody Spradlin wrote in a letter of suspension.

“Your actions have brought discredit and embarrassment upon the Conway Police Department and could have resulted in your arrest for Public Intoxication,” the letter says.

Hackett declined to comment.

You can read more from ABC7.

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