Arkansas Police Chief Voluntarily Takes Pay Cut to Fund School Resource Officer

This is one of those amazing feel good stories that gives you great pride in humanity.

In Palestine, the police chief is being praised for voluntarily taking a pay cut in order to pay for a school resource officer at the Palestine-Wheatley School District.

Chief Blake Hudson says because Palestine is a small town, the funding for an SRO just wasn’t there, and although the city wanted an SRO for the schools, it did not want to raise taxes for its residents.

“I cut my pay by about 20 percent to go towards that officer’s salary,” Chief of Police Blake Hudson said. “I also have to commend the officer that took that spot, because he’s working for less than what he deserves.”

Hudson says he didn’t hesitate to take the pay cut, seeing as he’s passionate for students’ safety.

“That’s him telling his wife and kids, hey we can’t go to Mexico, we can’t go to Disneyland, we can’t do this and that. He’s taking away from his own to take care of the 800 kids we have and that’s just very heroic in my opinion,” Superintendent Jon Estes said of Hudson.

Now imagine if Democrats would stop crying about President Trump and actually get something done to protect our children? They’ve done nothing since the President was elected except cry about losing an election.

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