Arkansas Man Finds 2.8 Carat Diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park

An Arkansas man found a 2.38-carat brown diamond at Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park, according to a news release from Arkansas State Parks.

Adam Hardin has spent more than a decade searching at the state park and this is the largest diamond he has ever found. Also, the diamond was the largest found at the park in 2022, so far.

The Crater of Diamonds State Park located in Murfreesboro, Arkansas is one of the only places in the world that allows the public to search for real diamonds.

Hardin said he enjoys making diamond searching into a friendly competition. “One of the other guys and I have been going back and forth, seeing who can find the biggest diamond,” Hardin was quoted as saying in the press release. “I found a big one, then he got a 1.9-carat and we were joking about who would find the next big diamond and be ‘King of the Mountain.”

Hardin was wet-sifting soil from the park’s east drain when he found the diamond. This is a method where people use a screen to wash away soil and separate the gravel by size.

“It was right in the middle when I flipped my screen over,” Hardin said. “When I saw it, I said, ‘Wow that’s a big diamond!'” This put Hardin ahead of his friend.

“As soon as I found this one, I had a feeling I had him beat,” Hardin said. “Now he’s trying to find a bigger one, but I’m planning on staying on top.”

Hardin said, “I named the diamond ‘Frankenstone.’ I thought of the name because it has a pretty and kind of not-so-pretty look to it. Us diamond miners call that ‘character.'” 

“I thought of the name because it has a pretty and kind of not-so-pretty look to it,” Hardin said. “Us diamond miners call that ‘character!'”

Hardin said that on average, a 2-carat diamond from Crater fetches around $10,000. He said he’s already sold it and bought a vehicle.

This is the largest diamond found at the park since September 2021, when a visitor from California found a 4.38-carat yellow gem. It’s the largest brown diamond found since Labor Day of 2020, when a 9.07-carat diamond was found.

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