Arkansas Bill to Let Local School Districts Mask Children FAILS Miserably in Committee, Liberty WINS!

The tyrant governor of Arkansas, RINO (Republican in Name Only) Asa Hutchinson has been pushing the state legislature to allow him to have emergency powers and to mask children in the state. The state legislature put Bill 1002 in place to stop the mandatory masking and government overreach of Arkansas horrible governor.

Two bills that Democrats and Hutchinson wanted to vote on would have allowed local school districts, who are entirely liberally ran and operated by the Teachers Unions to require masks. Thankfully Arkansas legislature held firm and it didn’t even make it out of the committee.

The House Public Health Committee heard from health experts, parents, educators, and other citizens who shared their thoughts on masking with them.

One parent Casey Green claimed “Masking and social distancing works. Masking works when everyone is masked.” Green who is a parent whose child was hospitalized at a young age. She claimed she doesn’t want the child to go back to the hospital.

“We do not want to end back up here,” she said. “My family does not. Lots of other families do not.”

However what most folks fail to tell you that is the likelihood of children getting and spreading the virus is among the lowest of the lows. Children also have a 99.97% chance of beating the virus if they get it. Science, which the left likes to coin, shows that children rarely get it, easily beat it, and do not spread it. But facts be damned, right?

Brock Thompson who also spoke to the committee said he took his daughter out of public schools last year because he felt the masking would impact her learning.

“I think it’s up to every person’s personal freedom to wear a mask, ” he told the committee. “If they want to mask then they mask. If they want to wear a bubble, wear a bubble. We are still a free country.”

Arkansas Governor who is drunk with power, called lawmakers into a special session in hopes to give him the power to mask children and have insane powers to yet again cripple Arkansas economy.

Speaker Matthew Shepherd said he expects the special session to adjourn on Friday morning. Shepherd also said the mask mandate issue in Arkansas is over. There will be none.

Senator Bob Ballinger filed a separate resolution to extend special session so lawmakers could consider bills on privacy rights and discrimination when it comes to the Covid-19 vaccines and HIPPA laws. The Speaker says he doesn’t expect the session to be extended.

Nice to see a victory in the name of Liberty for a change, isn’t it?

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1 year ago

They have masked my grandchild until he is scarred for life. He now wears his mask because he likes hiding from the world even after the school’s mask mandate ended. He’s even happier now that his school system has reinstated it.