Arkansas Attorney General Appeals Judge’s Decision to Block Arkansas Law Banning Face Masks

The Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has announced that she will appeal a liberal judge’s court ruling to block an Arkansas law on banning face masks.

As many of you know, liberal Judge Tim Fox ruled last week to block Arkansas Act 1002 passed by the Arkansas legislature which was elected by the people of Arkansas. It’s tyrannical and quite frankly illegal of him to do so. He is not the majority of Arkansans. The law barred public entities from mandating face masks and rightfully so.

“I will appeal the decision of Judge Fox which blocked Act 1002 from going into effect,” Rutledge said. “For nearly seven years, I have always exercised my constitutional duty to represent the state of Arkansas and will continue to wholeheartedly defend state laws to protect Arkansans of all ages.”

On August 6, Fox temporarily blocked Act 1002. The act bars local governments from mandating face masks.

Our own Matt Couch took some shots at the Arkansas AG encouraging her to do the right thing on Friday.

Others involved in Arkansas politics like Scott Bales backed Couch.

Tyrannical and liberal school boards across the state have been voting in mask mandates across the entire state forcing children to wear masks, with little to zero scientific evidence of masks doing anything.

That coupled with the fact that children do not get Covid, it’s very rare, they easily beat it, and don’t spread it are other issues. Not to mention the mental health issues that are skyrocketing in America from lockdowns, masks, shutdowns, and other insanities that liberals continue to push in the name of “democracy.”

Couch gave credit though where credit is due.

We will keep you updated on this battle in Arkansas, and we hope the will of the people wins. The people voted for those in office, and that’s who should make the laws, not a judge. When did we start ruling from the bench?

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1 year ago

Don’t live there, I hope the fine folks of my neighboring state stands behind this lady!!!!