Arkansas AD Takes Shot at Former Head Coach Bobby Petrino in Hilarious Tweet

One thing about the University of Arkansas social media game, it’s strong, very strong. With Basketball head hog Eric Musselman leading the way, Sam Pittman not far behind, and now Arkansas Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek has joined the group.

Yurachek went after former Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino in a hilarious tweet at the expense of the former coach.

As you can see from the picture below, Yurachek looks like he’s been in a fight or a wreck if you will.

At the time fans didn’t know what had happened, however head football Hog Sam Pittman uploaded the video. Which gave Yurachek a chance to make this brutal tweet at the former head hog Bobby Petrino’s expense.

A big thank you to @CoachSamPittman for sharing video from today’s scrimmage to validate I was indeed at the scrimmage and not on a motorcycle. #OneRazorback

If you don’t know the story, here’s a little reminder.

In the tweet, mentioning the motorcycle is referencing former head coach Bobby Petrino’s famous motorcycle accident

The accident would eventually lead to Petrino’s dismissal from Arkansas in April of 2012

When Petrino crashed on his motorcycle, he reportedly was with Jessica Dorrell, a former Arkansas athletic department employee who was the student-athlete development coordinator for football. 

After the crash, Petrino tried to lie about Dorrell being on the back of the motorcycle, but eventually, word got out that he had lied. 

Petrino’s face was gashed up after the motorcycle incident very much like Hunter Yurachek’s today. 

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