Arizona Whistleblower & Data Guru Bobby Piton Explains New Election Fraud in Great Detail

The man known as the Arizona Whistleblower on election fraud continues to crunch numbers in multiple states. Piton in an exclusive interview on Saturday started to dive into new deals he’s uncovered.

Bobby Piton sat down with Anna Khait on Sunday afternoon to break new revelations he’s uncovered, and put into laymen’s terms how he came to the fraud allegations he’s found.

In the interview, Piton goes into detail about the algorithms and the probabilities, and explains this just didn’t happen in 2020, it’s been happening for quite sometime. It’s literally taking the vote out of the hands of the American people. Both parties are at fault Piton says.

Watch the full interview below, it’s eye opening as we head into a pivotal week for the Trump campaigns fight to right the wrong that took place in the 2020 elections.


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1 year ago

Could a distributed computing project like SETI at Home help to analyze election data in something close to real time?

Bert Wesler
Bert Wesler
1 year ago

I have prayed for you that our Father will protect you.

1 year ago

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