Arizona Whistleblower Bobby Piton Speaks Out with Anna Khait as Twitter BANS His Account After Testimony

Anna Khait sat down with Arizona voter fraud Whistleblower Bobby Piton shortly after he testified on Monday afternoon. Big Tech immediately went to work to silence Piton, and banned his official Twitter account just a few minutes after he testified.

Khait’s interview explains the powers that be working overtime to silence anyone who speaks out. Last week Twitter suspended Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano’s Twitter account after he lead the voter fraud hearings in the state.

Mastriano’s account was restored to an active user after outrage by many politicians and influencers spoke out about the tech censorship.

Watch the full interview with Piton below:

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Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones
1 year ago

Why do you call him a mathematician? He has a BS in Econ and an MBA in Management strategy. Basically no math required for either degree.